Nps Nivruti/Death Time Gratuity Paripatra

Nps Nivruti/Death Time Gratuity Paripatra

F. No. 1/3/2016-pr – In Partial Modification Of Para 1(I) Of Ministry Of Finance’s Gazette Notification No. 5/7/2003-ecb-pr Dated 22Nd December, 2003, Based On The Government’s Decision On 6Th December, 2018 On The Recommendations Of A Committee Set Up To Suggest Measures For Streamlining The Implementation Of National Pension System (Nps), The Central Government Makes The Following Amendments In The Said Notification, Namely :-

(1) In Para 1(I) Of The Said Notification, For The Words “The Monthly Contribution Would Be 10 Percent Of The Salary And Da To Be Paid By The Employee And Matched By The Central Government”, The Words “The Monthly Contribution Would Be 10 Percent Of The Basic Pay Plus Dearness Allowance (Da) To Be Paid By The Employee And 14 Percent Of The Basic Pay Plus Da By The Central Government” Shall Be Substituted.

(2) The Following Provisions Shall Be Inserted After Para 1(V) Of The Said Notification, Namely:-

Choice Of Pension Fund And Investment Pattern In Tier-i Of Nps As Under:

(Vi) Choice Of Pension Fund: As In The Case Of Subscribers In The Private Sector, The Government Subscribers May Also Be Allowed To Choose Any One Of The Pension Funds Including Private Sector Pension Funds. They Could Change Their Option Once In A Year. However, The Current Provision Of Combination Of The Public-sector Pension Funds Will Be Available As The Default Option For Both Existing As Well As New Government Subscribers.

(Vii) Choice Of Investment Pattern: The Following Options For Investment Choices May Be Offered To Government Employees :

The Existing Scheme In Which Funds Are Allocated By The Pfrda Among The Three Public Sector Undertaking Fund Managers Based On Their Past Performance In Accordance With The Guidelines Of Pfrda For Government Employees May Continue As Default Scheme For Both Existing And New Subscribers.

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Government Employees Who Prefer A Fixed Return With Minimum Amount Of Risk May Be Given An Option To Invest 100% Of The Funds In Government Securities (Scheme G).

Government Employees Who Prefer Higher Returns May Be Given The Options Of The Following Two Life Cycle Based Schemes.
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