Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse -Review 2022

NameCorsair M65 RGB Ultra
Updated on25/03/2022

Corsair has given its M65 gaming mouse further than a spit polish for 2021.initially regard, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra looks remarkably analogous to the models that came before it, with an equivalent aluminium frame, eight programmable buttons, and pooching thumb shelf. Still, under the hood there's a bank of latest tech considering it's all squeezed into a$ 10 increase ($69.99 for the wired model,$129.99 for the wireless) over the previous M65 Elite.
Corsair has added 8K polling support, a replacement grippy texture, quickstrike click technology, programmable cock gestures, and upped the DPI to compared to the Elite's 18K. that's tons of redundant toys to play with, so we spent a while seeing how the new model heaps up against the fashionable gaming mouse options on the request.


you're getting an equivalent thickset design that we've come to understand and love then, which may look a touch small initially regard. Still, it sits well within the hand and offers up a reasonably featherlight experience which will always be acclimated with the addition of these fresh weights.

I didn't find that I demanded the weights to take care of an honest position of control over the device, but if you are doing need a touch anchoring it's nice that you simply are suitable to put each of the six pieces in colorful positions round the bottom of the device.

there's still a pronounced hump on the most body that works well to insure the shorter length of the mouse remains comfortable. Still, this is often still a tool designed for the medium-sized hand, and that i still plant a touch too important redundant space between rock bottom of my win and therefore the fringe of the body. It didn't impact on performance, but I noway relatively felt an equivalent position of relaxed comfort as I do with a bigger body.

The thumb rest on the left- hand side has been covered during a new grippy rubber that creates broad gestures feel a touch more controlled and keeps the thumb from sliding up to the gun button during further wild movements. like former models, this panel does pooch from the side of the pointer itself, but it still feels solid and durable-I didn't worry about throwing this into a pack a day . Plus it is a little more graded than that plant on the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro.

you're getting RGB on the scroll wheel, totem, between the highest DPI buttons, and skimming out of a caff at the reverse of the mouse. That last zone is downcast facing, which creates a pleasant gleam effect on the office below it, though it had been not as important as that of the Razer Basilisk V3.

If you're concluding for the wired model you'll also admit a reasonably thick pleated string that features a nice sense of' give'to it to avoid dragging. Still, there's also a cordless variant fighting for a spot among the fashionable wireless gaming mouse options also .


You'll find Quickstrike click technology underneath each main button, making for asuper-fast actuation with important shorter trip. These clicks are spring- loaded, with no distance between the factual button and therefore the OMRON switches they're actuation. The result's a softer click, but one that's incredibly presto.

Strangely, I plant that the right- hand click on the model i used to be using was ever slightly more sensitive than the leftism. While the leftism had an honest position of resistance so on avoid unwanted presses, i used to be regularly driving the proper click accidentally, especially when moving the mouse during a downcast direction at an equivalent time.
This is likely thanks to the very fact that I generally rest my scroll wheel cutlet slightly on the proper clicker when not in use, so there's further force to be reckoned with, but it's surely commodity to observe out for.


The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra featherlight, but not as feather-like as commodity more directly tuned for fps gameplay just like the Razer Serpent 8K or the Roccat Burst Pro. Rather, out of the box, you're watching 97g for the wired model and 110g for the wireless ( compared to the Roccat's 68g, for illustration). That meant i used to be suitable to seek out a sweet spot of perfection, which was only supported by the textured face of the thumb rests and lower design. While not presto enough to deal with a number of the further professional- grade pointers, the balanced performance of the M65 RGB Ultra made for an emotional experience.

Maybe one among the further uncredited features of the M65 RGB Ultra, still, was its performance in lift-off. I plant this to be a very responsive process, with movement snapping off as soon as I demanded it to. I appreciated this during my nature fear-spins in Borderlands 3 and Resident Evil 3, as similar performance made chaotic manoeuvres feel tightly controlled.

While I had to observe out for accidental right- hand clicks during further violent moments, the wimpiness and speed of the most buttons were incredibly satisfying. They felt snappy and responsive, and when working alongside that 8K polling rate and a decent lift-off setting, the general experience felt all the more precise.
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