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Meesho: Online Shopping App 


Name Meesho: Online Shopping App
Updated on 28/04/2022
Latest Version v11.10.0
Size 16 MB
Category Shopping
Price Free
Playstore Link Google Play

Meesho may not be the first shopping program that comes to people’s minds in India, but the app has seen record growth supported by its focus on Tier 2 and 3 cities. A recent Data.AI report (formerly known as AppAnnie), states that Meesho saw the best downloads in the Indian market in 2021 and records active users every month.

Sanjeev Barnwal, founder and Chief Technology Officer at Meesho to better understand the e-commerce platform which focuses on unauthorized sales and buyers in non-metros. Edited quotes:

What exactly is Meesho?

Barnwal: Meesho is a market place. We dive deep into the various pockets of the country to get all the branded goods out there. On the other hand, there are suppliers based in large production areas such as Surat and Jaipur who list all the products in our markets. On the other side of the market, we have repeat vendors who use Meesho to run their business. About a year and a half back, this part was huge. We rely on an external company logistics ecosystem and do not hold any inventory in between.

How is Meesho different from other e-commerce platforms? Who are its key users? What growth did he see?

Our users are users who recognize the importance and we work for the purpose of making democracy online trading for everyone. Some e-commerce platforms have been able to solve this problem for users based in all single-level cities. The next wave of consumers, who come online, many of whom are less comfortable spending time online, are our customers. Most of them have started shopping online with Meesho. People from very small towns form our main audience. We are located in more than 5,000 cities, with many categories of low-income and low-income people.

Meesho has been directing this user segment. It has helped us grow better and have a larger user base faster. Over the past year, we have grown 5x in terms of user numbers and all other metrics. And because we have seen this huge user base of customers coming online, we quickly redesigned our platform based on the shopping experience.

Until 2020, our platform was redesigned for retailers. The forthcoming merchants used Meesho to run their businesses. Even now our reseller domain is growing every month, but we are seeing more users become our customers, who buy directly from Meesho.

What technology does Meesho use when it comes to running an unmarked e-commerce market? What are the challenges of using such a platform?

In e-commerce markets, it is easy because the product promises a certain quality, has a balance, etc. If you go to a nameless market place like us, if you ride a new supplier, how do you find out if the product you are selling says it is okay? If he says size is L, is that really so? Quality is a very dependent metric.

When a new supplier uploads a product we look at product metrics, but we also use some in-depth reading strategies to extract information from the uploaded image. From there, you can get an idea of ​​what this product is. We are now trying to present you the right user audience; not to everyone, but to an audience set where the algorithm recognizes that it is possible to purchase one of these products. Based on whether we receive certain data, we also check customer interaction before and after purchase, return percentage, etc.

Then we determine if the product of this supplier will get more visibility. We ensure that our algorithm controls the visibility of each vendor while ensuring fairness. We make sure he weighs only if his performance is above a certain bar.

We also go back to the supplier by giving him a good idea of ​​what that point is where he should improve, etc. And that’s where we have price recommendations for these small businesses. Finding the right amount of product for small businesses is very difficult. For example, how do you make the price of a nameless Kurti? There are a lot of algorithms in play to make sure this market place stays right.

Where do users come from? How many vendors does Meesho have?
 What are the major categories?

Currently, about 5 percent of Indians trade with us. We have 4 lakh plus dealers on board. This download is most common in the small towns of Jharkhand, Odisha, Maharashtra, West Bengal, North-East.

The largest category in women's fashion, within that race, Western, etc. We have the fashion and beauty of men as the categories to come.

What helped Meesho by downloading the apps? Any reason for him to see the improvement?

We have the easiest e-commerce app in India. Our app is only 14.5 MB compared to 55MB or more. This is important for users in small cities and to see the size of the APK has a direct relationship with the input values. These users are just free to download the app over 35MB, because there is a certain idea in mind that this uses too much data. Also, the type of phones that do not have low-end smartphones with older versions of Android. Then the network connection is not very stable. These are the things we are most prepared to make sure this app is intended for our type of user base.

Whenever we make or add any new feature, the APK size is more than a problem for our Android developers. Our users are not yet free to shop online or spend time comfortably online.

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