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Name Google Maps
Updated on 30/04/2022
Latest Version 11.27.3
Size 96.43 MB
Category Google Apps
Developer Google
Price Free
Playstore Link Google Play

Google Maps are the stylish product of Google so far. The maps are veritably helpful in our diurnal life. Now you don't need to worry about directions, being in a new city or about your position because it’s each there in Google Map. Google Map isn't just about getting direction its lot further than we suppose. The combination of maps and AI has made Google advanced advance and important. Have you tried Google Maps? Try it and witness it. There are many features listed below.

Google Maps 2022 APK – Main Features

1- The Tilt View button in Google Map provides an stupendous point of giving its druggies 3-dimensional view of any place whichever they want or any corner. This point can only be penetrated by using the Desktop.
2- Google Maps keep themselves streamlined, now wherever you go you don't have to worry about your position, this operation will help you with just one click. It'll discover all the places for you. There's a special tab for the druggies that's For You tab this amazing point will let you know about the position and area of your neighborhood.
3- The Google Map has got some advance point as you can simply go to any place with your musketeers and beforehand you can just click on that place and partake it with them. Now they can fluently bounce for that place whether they're in for that place or not.
4- Google Map works only when you have an Internet connection but worry not now you can save your maps and can pierce them fluently when there's no network or you want to save your data.

5- Really it's true now through google maps you can get the literal view of any road and structure, the small timepiece present above your screen will give you the once view of the road or any other place.
6- You can keep track of your trip through Google Maps. Yes you can go to the history and see wherever you went through Google Map, this will give you the data of days, months and times. This is so cool.
7- Now you can fluently bespeak your flight tickets and see through the timing of the breakouts and chow. 

8- You can save the address which you use the most in Google Maps like your home or office address so that you don't have to re-up it. The Google Map will help you to set the dereliction address.
9- You can fluently get directions of any place wherever you want to by Google Map. Yes, you don't have to worry about directions and losing your way to any place. Google Map will guide you fluently.
10- There are so numerous features available of Google Maps you can not repel yourself from using it. Its fun as well as such a useful operation by Google. Download and modernize your Google maps.

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