NameCorsair M65 RGB Ultra
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 5800H
GraphicsRTX 3060
Display15.6-inch IPS at 165Hz
Resolution2560 x 1440

While HP's gaming laptops haven't always hit the mark, the HP Omen 15 (1007na) may be a solid entry into the present slimline trend. While still packing a many pounds, this machine may be a far more streamlined figure than former duplications, and while some lower piffling design choices are frustrating on the perimeter , there's plenitude to celebrate within the overall experience then.

I spent a many weeks with the HP Omen 15, and dug out my gravel old 2018 Omen to match some changes, putting it through its paces with the rearmost games and a few diurnal work. Back once I first got my hands on an HP Omen, these machines weren't great. From so- so performance to an enormous skinny design that takes up half a office by itself, this line hasn't exactly had a simple time of it.
Still, after spending a while with the new replication, it is easy to ascertain that the runs have turned, with a lower form factor and excellent CPU handling bringing it far almost the fashionable gaming laptops on the request immediately .


With a compact lower half comprising an easy keyboard (there's no numpad) and enormous touchpad and an easy diamond Auspice totem on the reverse of the matte black surface, this is often a toned-down machine that might slot in at an office even as well because it would in an RGB- sheathe setup.

That lattice offers up a sturdy frame with no brio or bend within the keyboard plate or on either side of the touchpad. Still, there's considerable flex to the screen which wobbles on the hinge relatively fluently. that's not a serious concern-this machine comes in under$ 1300/£ 1300 with some emotional factors under the hood-but does show how the accoutrements wont to make this machine so slim aren't the foremost solid within the business.

Still, there's a solid hinge between the 2 halves that holds the load of the most board when opening well.

Strangely, HP has placed the facility button along the highest row of the keyboard, perilously almost the delete key. While I noway had any issues with accidental presses putting the machine to sleep it did take some getting wont to and made me miss the simpler devoted space on former models.

Power up the HP Omen 15, however, and you'll incontinently spot four- zone RGB across the most keyboard. These LEDs aren't relatively as bold as RGB lighting on other bias, and offer further of a light-weight tone, especially in sun (though they are doing still delay well in brighter conditions).

It's worth noting that the Omen weighs in at2.46 kg, so while slimline there's still some considerable heft to the present device. For reference, the MSI Stealth 15M weighs in at just1.67 kg with a analogous form factor.


one among the foremost notable features of the HP Omen 15 is its gorgeous 1440p 165Hz display. It's able of manufacturing a very crisp picture, with the standard indeed conspicuous on home defenses and desktop icon textbook. With deep, rich blacks and fantastic color running, there's plenitude to marvel at then and stir is especially smooth at 165Hz also

That display remains a touch lustrous, so there was a touch of shine in brighter lighting conditions. Still, it's during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among the best- looking laptops I even have seen in a while formerly the lights were a touch dimmer.

The keyboard is snappy and responsive, feeling great within the hand though noticeably lower clicky than my aged model. Still, there was asuper-fast return rate then and a satisfying bite with a brief trip time that made gliding across the board feel all the more natural.

I equaled a WPM of 87 on the HP Omen, with a98.6 delicacy. that's enough emotional considering my normal on thesuper-fast HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is91.3 WPM with96.3 delicacy, which model nudges the fashionable gaming keyboards in performance, to not mention it's my diurnal motorist with plenitude of motor memory ignited in. The wide touchpad features a silky soft finish and feels great to use, with a responsive valve and just the proper position of resistance beneath the most clicks also . Of course, you'll probably be using one among the fashionable gaming mouse options during gaming, so this is often left for work use.


The HP Omen was remarkably quiet during day-to- day tasks and indeed lighter gaming. Those suckers did kick into gear during the foremost demanding moments, but the droning noway succeeded its hello, and that i didn't notice any particularly concerning temperatureclimbs.However, however, the fashionable gaming headsets can fluently block that redundant noise out, If you're concerned. That was a touch surprising considering these cheaper slimline laptops frequently warrant the interior cooling structures to stay their compact inwards at an respectable temperature. The CPU is incredibly effective then, however, running super presto during everyday work and play.


The autumnal tones of Life Is Strange True Colors looked gorgeous on the QHD screen, with colors popping across the town and smooth background movements, murk, and detailing throughout my peregrination. The display board made every game feel a touch more vibrant, offering up an excellent bright picture but occasionally immolating clarity for discrepancy in further cluttered scenes.

I frequently push my old 2018 Omen too far when loading up larger Earth Coaster systems, but this model handles indeed the foremost densely packed areas with aplomb, only really beginning to feel the throttle when the demesne is completely filled with moving guests. The detailing and lighting were particularly emotional then, however.

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