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Name PDF Extra
Updated on 30/04/2022
Latest Version 9.0.1433
Size 66.78 MB
Category PDF Editor- Scan, Edit & Sign
Developer MobiSystems
Price Free
Playstore Link Google Play

In the recent times, it has been seen that there's a huge increase in apps that helps us to edit, overlook, and do other effects in a PDF on our mobile bias only. This is because we tend to utmost of our work from our mobile bias only and these kind of apps turns out to be really veritably useful for us. Then we've a really amazing app that you just can not miss and it's PDF Extra which is available for Android, Windows PC, and iOS. 
 PDF Extra is a kind of app that will give you all the professional tools that you need for any PDF. It'll allow you to do several changes in any PDF train with the help of edit option. There’s this reflection tool that will help you to add some commentary to any section you of the train. PDF Redundant app also works as a proper train director for you guys as it'll help you to organize all your lines and documents at this one place only. 

While using PDF Extra, you're going to witness a lot of instigative features which are meant to give you a truly amazing experience of gaming.
 1- Edit PDF Documents – The app is going to give you a lot of amazing editing tools that will help you to edit any PDF document that you want. This way, you can make changes in any of your train without any difficulty. 

 2- Reflection Tools – It also has these reflection tools which has made it really veritably easy for everyone to make commentary or put notes to any part of the PDFs. 

3- Scanner – Then you ’ll also get this scanner through which you can overlook any document that you want and convert it into a PDF. You can moreover produce a single runner PDF by surveying one document or you can also add multiple to it. 

 4- Dark Mode – It also has this point called dark mode that makes it really veritably easy for the druggies to use the app when it’s dark.

 5- Images to PDF – Occasionally you're needed to partake any image as a PDF to someone and if you do n’t know how to do it also, PDF Extra is then to help you out. You can simply elect any image from your device’s gallery and turn it into a PDF, fluently without facing any difficulty. 

 6- Cover with Passcode – If you ’ve saved any sensitive or particular document to this app also you can also cover it using a word. This will circumscribe anyone from having access to it, without the word. 

 7- Brilliant File Manager – Along with offering you amazing PDF editing tools, this app also works are an excellent train director for you. This will help you to keep all your lines and documents in separate flyers so that you can find them fluently whenever you're looking for them. 

 8- Combine PDFs – One of the most amazing features that this app has to offer you is incorporating two PDFs into one. This is going to save a lot of your time and you'll be suitable to do this fluently without any difficulty. 

 There are numerous other features as well that are going to be really helpful, once you start using this app. So, download PDF Extra now! 


 In the end, PDF Extra is a simple and effective way to overlook documents and convert them into editable textbook lines. For this reason, as well as its fresh features for editing/ signing documents, PDF Extra deserves a place on your Android device. 

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